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Axis Conditioning and Hoops has training, teams, clinics and programs for boys and girls where we teach all players the fundamentals of the game of basketball, focusing on the development of team concepts and ideals, as well as individuals.

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Personal Trainers/Fitness instructors

Kevin Barboza has paved the way in fitness for over 30 years. His love for motivating and helping clients reach their goals through years of master level training and legendary spin instructing. If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking his class yet you are missing out. He offers personal training, small group training, and can help provide a well-rounded regimen to meet goals from elite athletic training to basic weight loss and beginning level fitness needs.

Laura Turco drives her passion through helping others achieve greatness. She is a certified personal trainer and spin instructor that learned early on that balance is the key to happiness and success. She helps her clients find balance between fitness and nutrition and healthy outlets. “The key is to start moving and stay committed though consistency!” She is a mom of 4 and a nurse who grinds hard each day and loves to help motivate others.




Spin Instructors

Carolyn’s love for spinning began at Axis Spin & Conditioning. She became a certified spin instructor in 2019 and has been teaching ever since. She loves curating new playlists for her classes, so you’ll always have a fun ride while getting your sweat on! When not on the bike, Carolyn enjoys getting outside and hiking and is an avid tennis player. Join her Mondays at 5:30pm in Georgetown!

As a full time, teacher, and mom to my 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter I look forward to working out every day it is my “stress relief”. It sets the tone for my day.  My favorite thing besides being with family is working out. My passion for fitness began in high school and evolved to becoming a group ex instructor, spin instructor, and certified yoga instructor for kids. Growing up I played many sports and loved being part of a team. With age team sports faded and fitness friends evolved. In my classes I strive for upbeat energetic music, sweat pouring, and a sense of satisfaction when class is over. When not spinning I enjoy hot yoga, strength training, and running. I believe that with the right motivation everyone can achieve their fitness goals. Come join me Wednesday 5:30 AM at Axis in Georgetown!!!!!